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Pack material

The amount of containers for drug delivery is constantly growing. Whenever it's made of glass or plastic, the quality and traceability of them is the priority of the producer. On upstream process for raw material handling, robotics is used to support specific environment, abrasive and warm, as well as in downstream for assembly and washing within wet and clean environment.

New drug delivery products, such as insulin pumps, injectors or patches, will support personalized medicine and home medication. They also aim to be more wearable and connected for data exchange between patient, doctor and hospital.

Main applications

  • Glass tube handling
  • Loading/Unloading
  • Glass forming (converting)
  • Transferring
  • Washing and Siliconization
  • IMM Unloading
  • Assembly of components
  • Inspection
  • Container packing in trays or tubs
  • Palettizing
3D line pack material, upstream production

The TX2-160 feeds the cutting devices of raw material

The TX2-60 places the glass tube into forming machine

The TX2-60 robot unloads formed tube

Transfer to annealing tunnel for cooling

The SCARA robot removes formed tube on tray to feed syringe assembly line

3D line pack material, downstream production

Palletizing by TX2-90

Automated Lid disposal

Stopper placement & Capping of the filled vials by TX2-60 Stericlean

Transfer of multiple syringes in washing machine, drying machine and Sterilization if required

Automated Random inspection

Assembly of the tube and needle by TX2-40

TX2-60 loads glass formed tube

❝ We foresee new drug delivery container to be wearable and connected to the patient and doctor entering in pharma 4.0. ❞
Sebastien Lagarde | Global Marketing Leader of Pharma

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