Semiconductor and cleanroom

Our Cleanroom robots blend precision, speed and cleanliness

The electronics and semiconductor industries are particularly demanding when it comes to precision, speed and reduced particle emissions. To meet their robotics needs, Stäubli offers an ultra-high performance line of Cleanroom robotic arms for highly sensitive applications. Our robots can manipulate the silicon wafers used to make semiconductors with exceptional accuracy, high speed and smooth trajectories.

Features and benefits

The robots meet ISO 14644-1 class 2/3 or FED209E subclass 1 standards and feature a totally enclosed arm with a glossy polyurethane surface, capable of high dexterity. A compact arm footprint helps to save precious cleanroom volume.

Success story
TX60L cleanroom at SÜSS MicroTec

Robot handles wafers with care (SÜSS)

SÜSS MicroTec relies on high precision Stäubli TX60L Cleanroom robot to ensure ultra-safe handling of wafers in sophisticated coating process.

Our dedicated range

Cleanroom robots

TX90L cleanroom 6 axis robot for sensitive environments

Cleanroom (CR) and super cleanroom (SCR) robots are designed to meet the strict requirements of cleanrooms.

Range of CR/SCR robotic arms