Automotive industry Success story

Chinese cars in motion thanks to Stäubli connectors


  • Manual or automatized connection of all fluid and electrical energies on the assembly and production lines as well as for cold or hot engine tests.


The Partner

Jianghuai Automobile Group Corp., Ltd. (JAC) is a Chinese auto manufacturer that produces its own line of commercial vehicles, vehicles for public transportation and alternative energy vehicles, and also develops gearboxes and engines.


"The maintenance procedures of Stäubli products are very easy. Their durability allows us to significantly reduce our operating costs."
Kanghe Yang, Engineer

The challenge: With an annual output of 1 million units, JAC needed connection and tool changing solutions that offered the utmost efficiency, dependability and durability in their manufacturing process – particularly during assembly and testing processes.

The solution: Stäubli’s Multi-Coupling System (MCS) provided JAC with a safe and reliable connector solution, customized for their needs. With MCS, different energy sources can be connected by a single motion at a single point. During the assembly process, the MCS is used to connect all fluid and electrical circuits. Stäubli’s MPS tool changer provides JAC with flexibility and minimal technician intervention during the manufacturing process, particularly during the handling and welding processes. Water, air and electrical circuits can be connected and disconnected simultaneously.

Stäubli solutions are also integrated during cold and hot testing phases. Designed to meet the customer specifications, the dedicated mono couplings RPE are used to connect the engine plug profile and for the connection of all fluid circuits between the test bench and the engines. JAC used standard Stäubli quick-release couplings. Manual or automatic MCS are utilized once again in the testing phases for the simultaneous connection of all fluid and electrical circuits (water, oil, air, signal and power).

The result: Stäubli’s quick couplings, MCS and MPS systems have made JAC’s manufacturing process more efficient and reliable. Due to the low maintenance required to maintain these systems, JAC has been able to significantly lower its operating costs, optimized their facility’s efficiency and improved productivity.