Robotic tool changers

Robotic tool changer MPS 260


  • Gripping/handling
  • Resistance spot welding
  • Friction element welding
  • Laser welding
  • Clinching
  • Punch riveting
  • Screw FDS
  • Roller folding
  • Gluing
  • Vacuum and material transfer
  • as well as special applications on request.

Areas of operation

All industrial sectors.

our Sales Team

The flexibility and versatility of the robotic tool changing systems from Stäubli is equally apparent in the Model MPS 260. This automatic tool changer – designed for medium load capacity – is also suitable for robots from all manufacturers and can be adapted in many ways to the customer-specific production processes. A robust end-of-arm solution provides many components and modules for media, data and power transmission, pneumatics, vacuum and cooling, as well as signal and power performance and primary current.

Technical data

  • Payload up to 350 kg
  • Bending moment up to 2,000 Nm (static), 7,000 Nm (dynamic)
  • Torsion moment up to 2,000 Nm (static), 7,000 Nm (dynamic)
  • Locking: pneumatic (additional protection by compound spring on pressure drop)
  • Operating pressure: 0.45 MPa –  1.0 MPa
  • Flange fitting per EN ISO 9409-1-125-11-M10

Coupling modules for media, data and power transmission

  • Electrical connectors for data and electrical signals
  • Primary circuit plug for welding power transfer 
  • Media couplings for liquids and gases
  • Pneumatic and vacuum modules
  • Bus modules
  • Safety module for active docking performance level d, category 3
  • Further models on request

    >> More about Components & modules MPS 260

Docking station

  • Flexible and robust storage system
  • Deployable vertically or horizontally
  • Standardized or customer-specific storage systems
  • Can be integrated into the plant control system
  • Optional protective cover for harsh environments
  • Optional additional sensors

Programming jig

  • Easy installation of the programming jig by means of a click function
  • Quick and easy determination of the dome position
  • Exact positioning for fast and trouble-free docking operations, as well as a long service life
  • No additional software necessary