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Thanks to our diverse operations and close collaboration with leading manufacturers of measurement equipment, we are familiar with all fields of applications in electrical testing and measurement. We are able to provide the most efficient and sustainable solution for your area of application.

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Measuring Instruments

For producers of measuring instruments we can offer a wide range of T&M products, including test probes and accessories for oscilloscopes as well as 4 mm touch protected leads, sockets, probes and clips for all kind of multi meters and other instruments.

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Training equipment

For producers of training systems end education equipment in the technical and engineering field we offer a complete range of dedicated products. This includes 2 and 4 mm test leads, sockets and connecting plugs, all of them meeting the highest standards for reliability and safety.

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Test benches

For test benches and break out boxes in the field of Automotive, Aerospace and Railway we can offer a complete 4 mm programme of T&M components, including sockets and connecting plugs, as well as test leads, test plugs and test probes.

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Industrial applications

For industrial applications with high bending angles and limited space we can offer a range of multistrand cables with different insulation materials (PVC, TPE , Silicone) and different insulation layers (E, 1V, 2V).

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For testing and measuring of equipment in the field of power generation and distribution we a have developed a dedicated range of CAT IV products. This range includes adapters, test leads, test probes and test clips, all of them meeting the highest standards and approvals regarding safety and reliability.

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For Installers and Electricians we can offer a complete range of T&M equipment, covering test leads, test probes and test clips. Also multistrand wires with different insulation materials and insulation layers are available.

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Schools / Universities

Schools and universities in the technical field will find a complete range of 2 and 4 mm T&M products to educate and train their students. Our range includes plugs, probes, adapters, leads sockets and connecting plugs, available in various lengths and colors. Also test lead holders and safety experimental circuit boards are including in our product range.