quick couplings welding lines

Safety plugs for connection to blow torches on welding lines

Stäubli SUPER-PARFLAM plugs fitted to the blow torch combine two integrated safety devices to protect users from slow reverse gas flow and explosive flashbacks. Stäubli geometrical locks remove any risk of swapping the circuits. Thanks to the quick-release function, Stäubli solutions enable fast and simple tool changing. Connect and disconnect the lines all at once and gas distribution stops automatically on disconnection.

Technical specifications

  • Maximum allowable pressure*:
    • 12.5 bar (181 psi) for the oxygen line
    • 1.5 bar (21 psi) for the acetylene line
    • 3 bar (43 psi) for other fuel gases


  • Oxygen (PSO) – blue
  • Acetylene (PSA) – red
  • Other fuel gases (PSP) – yellow



  • Connecting plug: hardened chromium steel
  • SUPER-PARFLAM safety body: anodized light alloy
  • Brass screw connection

Other features

  • Available in high flow version

*depending on the model and operating conditions