Dry Disconnect Couplings Loading and unloading

Stainless steel full-flow couplings TKU and TKM


  • Fluid distribution and transfer systems
  • Loading and unloading of tank trucks, vessels, containers and tanks
  • Fitting on fueling vehicles, pump units
  • Fast connection of fuel supply hoses
  • Connections for cooling electronics, motors and chillers
  • Connections for test benches
  • Depression
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Thanks to their full flow design these couplings ensure highest flow rates and easy cleanibility. A reliable blocking system prevents an unintended disconnection or an opening of the valves when disconnected. No special order is required for operating the valves which guarantees an intuitive handling.

The TKU series provides identical coupling halves which makes the direction of the hoses in tank truck logistics redundant.

TKM series is capable of handling an even wider range of media and can even be used for applications with depression.

Technical specifications TKU

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm):
    • TKU38 for DN 38 (1 1/2") hoses

    • TKU50 for DN 50 (2”) hoses

    • TKU80 for DN 80 (3”’) hoses

  • Maximum allowable pressure PS (bar)*: 25 (636 PSI)

Technical specifications TKM

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm):
    • TKM25 for DN 25 (1 1/2") hoses

    • TKM38 for DN 38 (2”) hoses

  • Maximum allowable pressure PS (bar)*: 25 (636 PSI)


  • All types of fluids


  • Mainly stainless steel