Quick couplings Compressed air

Safety compressed air quick coupling RSI

online demonstration: anti-hose whip safety

swivel versions


  • Spurs on pipework
  • Fittings on extension hoses
  • Pneumatic tool connections
  • Blowguns
  • Automatic systems on machines
  • and more
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Stäubli developed 3-in-1 active safety to eliminate the risk of violent hose ejection under pressure. With this technology, RSI quick couplings provide a completely safe solution to operators’ most demanding needs. More ergonomic than quick connect fittings, the RSI quick release coupling offers you a real efficient solution for the connection of your pneumatic circuits. The RSI compressed air connectors conform to ISO 6150 C series for connection plugs. ISO 4414 for disconnection backlash prevention..

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm): from 6 to 11
  • Maximum allowable pressure PS*: 16 bar (232 PSI)


  • Compressed air


  • Socket body: Stainless steel with 17% chromium
  • Lock: Heat-treated steel
  • Plug: Hardened and ground stainless steel with 13% chromium
  • Shutoff: Valved socket; unvalved plug
  • Swiveling feature with a high-strength aluminum ball and socket

Other features

  • RSI coupling bodies can be rotated to make the button as accessible as possible
  • Raised pushbutton option
  • Light weight
  • Swiveling version with high flexibility and effortless operation

*depending on the model and operating conditions