Railway Compressed air

Full flow quick coupling for railway RTD


  • Car body to Truck and intercar pneumatic connection for regional and high speed trains in difficult location.
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RTD quick couplings meet every requirement for compressed air applications under severe conditions, such as high vibration, frequent acceleration deceleration and extreme temperatures.  They include protected sealing and locking elements, high quality materials, durable construction, and an ergonomic semi-automatic locking sleeve for easy handling. The long guiding of the plug into the coupling guarantees the quality of the connection and the constant sealing even under vibratory stress of your pneumatic circuits.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm): 11 and19
  • Maximum allowable pressure*: 10 bar (145 PSI)


  • Compressed air


  • Mainly stainless steel
  • Sockets equipped with an elastomer protector

Other features

  • Complete connection solutions equipped with metallic hoses and flexibles (EN45545 standards compliant) available on request

*depending on the model and operating conditions