Nuclear Compressed air

High flow safety quick couplings for nuclear applications ADS


Quick connection of compressed air circuits in machinery buildings, reactor buildings and nuclear auxiliaries in nuclear power plants:

  • Pneumatic tool supply
  • Mobile filtration unit supply
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Designed with maximal safety in mind, the ADS quick couplings feature reliable anti-hose whip technology on disconnection (in accordance with ISO 4414 standards). They also provide direct air flow for optimized productivity, while specialized corrosion-resistant construction makes them an ideal solution for radioactive environments.

Technical specifications

  • Nominal diameter DN (mm): 11
  • Maximum allowable pressure*: 16 bar (232 PSI)


  • Compressed air


  • Stainless steel socket body and valve
  • Control sleeve in heat-treated steel with corrosion protection
  • Large locking button in heat-treated steel
  • Nitrile seals
  • Connecting plug in chromium alloy steel, heat-treated and ground

Other features

  • Color-coded identification (black and white stripes)
  • Socket with safety padlock option
  • Option to fit the sockets with Stäubli weld nuts

*depending on the model and operating conditions