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Connection solutions for the railway industry

Whether for compressed air, hydraulic or other applications: Stäubli specializes in quick release couplings and electrical connectors for the railway industry, offering reliable connection solutions for all types of trains, locomotives and trams. Our products encompass all applications and types of fluids, compressed air, hydraulic, cooling systems, fill and drain and electrical power as well as customized connection solutions – all designed to resist the most demanding mechanical and climatic conditions.

Compressed air

Compressed air connection solutions for the railway industry

Quick release couplings for a variety of pneumatic applications.

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Pressure point and leveling tests

Quick couplings for pressure point and leveling tests RBE

Pneumatic pressure point and leveling tests for passenger and freight rolling stock.

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Cooling systems

Connection solutions for cooling applications in the railway industry

Cooling system connections for on-board electronic equipment, engines and transformers.

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Connection solutions for hydraulic applications in the railway industry

Quick release couplings for hydraulic braking and other applications.

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Filling and draining

High resistance couplings SBA for hydraulic oïl circuits

Easy and clean filling and draining connections.

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CombiTac system

 Modular connector CombiTac

CombiTac allows individual combination of power, signal, thermocouple, coaxial, fibre optic, pneumatic, hydraulic and bus connections.


Modular power connector MPC

Modular power connector MPC

For use in rolling stock, e.g. on-board power applications, traction converter and battery outputs, body to bogie and motor connection.

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Fork plugs

Stäubli AG - Fork-Plugs-tim-2x.jpg

Fork plugs can easily be connected to busbars of different thickness and offer the needed flexibility.

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Stäubli AG - ClipLam-tim-2x-77528-jpg-orig.jpg

The ClipLam connector is especially dedicated to provide a pluggable electrical connection between two double-pole insulated busbars

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Connectors for battery packs CT-HE

Stäubli AG - CT-HE-tim-2x-77589-jpg-orig.jpg

Stäubli connectors for battery packs meet the specific requirements of the railway industry and are particularly suited for the use in railway rolling stock.

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Connectors for harsh environment

Connectors for harsh environnement RhB

This range of connectors is suitable for use in the railway industry and can withstand extremely harsh environmental conditions.

Harsh environment connector

Success stories

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Read how our solutions have benefitted customers around the world.

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