Product range and applications

Single-pole industrial connectors

Our high-performance industrial connectors are designed for severe requirements in industrial environments. Equipped with our tried and tested MULTILAM, they offer lowest contact resistance and extremely high current density. Our power connectors find use in a wide range of applications such as power generation and distribution, rack and panel applications, machine control systems and mobile transformers. Wherever high currents need to be safely transmitted through a removable electrical connection, Stäubli industrial connectors should be your preferred choice.

round uninsulated 6 mm
Round uninsulated connectors

Our single-pole, unenclosed, uninsulated round connectors designed for the transmission of high currents up to 6000 A.

insulated 10-21 mm
Round insulated connectors 10-21 mm

Plug connectors designed for the use in industrial installations, switchgears, test stands and standby power units. 

rapid connection
Rapid connection solutions

Flat bar clamps for the safe contact of busbars in power distribution plants, power generation units, mobile transformers, etc.

plug-in systems
Connectors for plug-in systems

Our fork plugs are designed for direct connection to copper or aluminum bus bars.

medical connectors
Medical connectors

Our product line for electromedical equipment has been developed with regard to the specific requirements of the medical industry.

multilam plug connectors
MULTILAM plug connectors

This product line features outstanding electrical characteristics as high current-carrying capacity and minimal contact resistance.