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Service overview

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We serve customers around the world who aim to increase their industrial productivity whilst maintaining quality, reliability and safety. As one of the leading manufacturers of connection solutions, Stäubli Electrical Connectors fulfills needs for all types of electrical power, data, fluid and gas connections. Our fundamental driving force is a passion for quality and innovation, passed on through many years of industrial experience.  Our solutions are invented, designed, engineered, produced and enhanced by our skilled, ambitious and highly qualified staff.  We focus on improving the reliability, efficiency, performance and usability of your equipment and applications, thereby raising your productivity bar and optimizing the total cost of ownership.

We are a certified manufacturer and pride ourselves in meeting all the requirements of the respective markets and local regulations. Complying with international standards goes without saying and is fundamental for us. For this reason, we assure that our products meet or exceed relevant industry standards. Stäubli places great importance in field data, testing according to customer specifications and long-term in-house testing. Our own test laboratories around the world are regularly reviewed by national and international standard organizations. At the same time, we participate actively in the relevant standards committees and can therefore quickly adapt to changes.

The core of our products, the unique MULTILAM contact technology, allows for highly efficient energy transmission and a long lifetime. Even under the toughest conditions, MULTILAM provides efficient, dependable and safe electrical connections – some products within our portfolio even connect for up to 1 million mating cycles.