Weaving preparation

TOPMATIC warp tying machine

Yarn material
  • Yarn types cotton, wool, silk, blended yarns, filament yarn, monofilaments, technical yarns
  • Yarn count range – 0.8-500 tex / Nm 2 – 1,250 / Ne 1.2-740 (depending on material)
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The TOPMATIC warp tying machine is designed for universal use in warp changing. It is quick to set up, easy to operate, and ties reliably fine to standard yarns. The model range includes machines for tying single knots, double knots, or both. Repeat programming considerably increases the tying quality of colored warps. The display shows operating status, tying speed, number of yarns tied. Process data is retrievable per warp and per shift.

Main benefits of automated warp tying with Topmatic


  • Fast and comfortable warp preparation on the TPF3 tying frame
  • Reliable knot formation even at maximum tying speed
  • Warp threads are drawn through the weaving harness perfectly



  • Practically all staple fiber and filament yarns can be tied without extensive adjustments in a wide range using single or double knots
  • Suitable for warps with or without regular or irregular lease in upper or lower sheet, single or multi-color, depending on model



  • The double thread detection of the TOPMATIC PC operates in warps with or without lease
  • Considerably reduced double threads and redirected warp threads lead to increased efficiency of the weaving machine