Accessories for Test and Measurement

Products for high-frequency measurement

This product range includes passive high-frequency test probes and accessories as well as touch-protected BNC plug connectors, insulated BNC panel-mount sockets, leads with RG58 or RG59 cable, adapters and converters. Our test probes are suitable for use in CAT III- and CAT IV environments (Measurement Categories), such as the analysis of house and building installations with mains analysis/mains monitoring devices. Our high-frequency accessories are designed with clearance and creepage distances in accordance with IEC/EN 61010-031.

Touch-protected passive probes

Oscilloscope probes for a high touch protection rating of CAT II or CAT III for electronics engineers and electricians

Touch-protected BNC probes

This range includes BNC safety products: connectors, test leads, panel mount sockets or pcb mount sockets and BNC apdapters.