Alternative Energies connectors products

Connection solutions for Alternative Energies

As experienced specialist and market leader for electrical connectors in photovoltaics, we offer long-lasting quality components that help to reduce operational and maintenance cost. Safe and efficient products along the whole electrical PV supply chain provide reliability and increase the bankability of the project. Whether for on-board applications with high vibration resistance, e.g. connectors for batteries and inverters, or for infrastructure applications with high mating cycles: Stäubli ensures highest performance reliability and maximum safety.

Connectors for solar panels

Thanks to the tried and tested MULTILAM Technology, our connectors keep your PV installation running efficiently and safely.

Junction boxes for solar panels

Stäubli junction boxes for electrical connection on crystalline or thin-film modules  feature high dependability and compactness.

Cable assemblies

Our range of halogen-free cross-linked polyolefin double layers PV cables for use in photovoltaic power systems.

Independent off-grid power-cube

Innovative system based on swarm technology and powered by solar units or other sources to manage power generation autonomically.