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MULTILAM Products and Technology

The Stäubli MULTILAM are specially formed and resistant contact elements. This unique contact technology is both the basis for and guarantee of performance. The MULTILAM contact technology stands out by high current-carrying capacity and builds the core of all Stäubli electrical connectors. Furthermore, it works very reliably over a broad temperature range. Thanks to their constant contact force, MULTILAM louvers ensure continuous contact with contact surfaces. This results in consistently low contact resistance and excellent contact quality with a long service life.

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MULTILAM Technology

The unique MULTILAM contact allows for highly efficient transmission of energy, signals and data. Due to its flexibility in design and its advanced technical features, almost unlimited applications are possible with excellent performance.

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The Stäubli SealContact is dedicatedly designed for challenging high current connection of uncleaned busbars guaranteeing an optimal current transmission with low, and stable contact resistance.

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The flat ElectroMate contact element is suited for indoors installations with busbars requiring special benefits in high current transmission.