MULTILAM Products and Technology

MC-SEALconTACT for high-current connection of uncleaned busbars


  • High-current transmission in indoor and outdoor installations
  • For copper and aluminum alloy
  • For static connection in indoor and outdoor installations
  • In corrosive atmospheres

Flat contact surfaces, e.g. two overlapping busbar connections, do not ensure a reliable current transmission due to the fact that there are very few defined contact points over the surface. These few points heat up at high current. Higher temperature accelerates oxidation, which in turn impairs the contact points until a contact failure occurs. Both the electrical and mechanical requirements have to be considered when making busbar connections. MC-SEALconTACT guarantees an optimal current transmission with low, and stable contact resistance.


  • Contacting of unplated, unmachined busbars and plates
  • MC-SEALconTACT guarantees a constant and reliable low resistance factor for decades
  • Energy-saving and maintenance free

Key features

  • Contact and supporting elements in modular design
  • Scalable configurations
  • Easy do-it-yourself assembly


  • MULTILAM torsio implemented in a sealing frame
  • Ribbed plate in sealing frame serves as supporting module

Technical Specifications


of one module

Dimension contact module

40 x 13.33 x 1.4 mm

Dimension supporting module long

40 x 13.33 x 1.4 mm

Dimension supporting module short

13.33 x 13.33 x 1.4 mm

Rated current

800 A

Short circuit current of one louver (1s)

20 000 A

Max. operating temperature