Multi-pole connectors

e-mobility connectors

All components implemented in electric and hybrid drive applications need to meet the high requirements regarding quality, reliability, performance as well as space-savings for on-board applications. Stäubli’s electrical connectors consider a compact design, are vibration and shock resistant and guarantee constant electrical contact based on its unique MULTILAM contact technology. Extensive quality tests and external certification ensure untroubled operation and longevity.

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As a powerful two-pole e-mobility connector, the PerforMore meets all conditions of the delivery specification LV215 for high-voltage contacting and the requirements for connectors in the vehicle. The angled connector is perfectly suited for high-voltage batteries, inverters and high-voltage distribution units.

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Automatic Rapid Charging Solution QCC

The automatic quick charging solution QCC is designed to transmit high levels of power in very short time, ensuring fast recharging of energy storage devices of electrical vehicles such as logistics transportation (AGV), trucks, boats, ferries, buses, etc. 

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Multipole connector for harsh environments

The design of this connector is dedicated for operation in harsh environments to withstand very challenging conditions such as high impacts, extreme temperatures, stormy winds and strong waters to ensure reliable energy transmission without interruption in railway applications.