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E-mobility connectors

Key to the energy transition process, e-mobility seeks to reduce the carbon footprint of each journey and helps improve everyone’s quality of life.
Our broad range of connectors for e-mobility is designed to meet the requirements of demanding applications and harsh environmental conditions. The compact components allow space-saving solutions while ensuring easy maintenance and long service life. Whether for refueling at filling stations, battery swapping, inter-module connections, cooling of on-board electronic circuitry or multiple connections for test benches and laboratory testing : we offer you the reliability you need.


Connections: a key link in e-mobility

Battery pack

Quick-release couplings for battery cooling

Charger / fuel cell

- Quick-release couplings for component cooling - Manual or automatic quick-release couplings for low-pressure gas circuits (line between hydrogen store and fuel cell)

Power converters

Quick-release mono - or multi-couplings for cooling on-board electronic circuitry

Electrical motor

Quick-release couplings for engine cooling systems

Approvisionnement en énergie

- Manual connection for fast charging when the vehicle is in service - Hydrogen filling and break-away protection system for electric vehicles with a fuel cell

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Fast charging and battery swapping on Automated Guided Vehicles

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