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Creating urban mobility with the right connection

Modern, urban eco-mobility: that’s Silence, a Spanish start-up company offering a sustainable driving alternative with its powerful but easy-to-use electric scooters. Leading the change to responsible electric mobility, Silence relies on a removable and rechargeable battery – and on the modular CombiTac connection solution of Stäubli.

The global traffic situation is changing rapidly. Mobility continues to increase as more and more people and goods move across cities and around the world. This leads to environmental pollution, traffic collapses and noise. New paradigms are needed to change this. This includes, for example, urban delivery services as well as public authorities and private commuters who are rethinking their mobility behavior thanks to the introduction of new technologies and solutions.

A sustainable driving alternative

One of these providers of new solutions is Silence. This young and dynamic Spanish start-up company designs and produces innovative electric motorcycles. Supported by a team of professionals with experience in motor sports, engineering, mechanics, electronics and design, the company’s aim is to end the problem of air pollution caused by millions of motorbikes and offer a real sustainable driving alternative with electric scooters. Following an intensive research and development phase, Silence has designed a new generation of electric scooters – with a driving range of over 70 kilometers per battery charge. Currently, Silence is active in countries all over Europe and expanding internationally. Thanks to Silence, delivery services, scooter sharing providers and police fleets are now on the move in an environmentally friendly way.

Robust connector solution needed

 “We had the dream to develop an emission-free and noiseless scooter for more convenient city traffic. We also wanted to make the bike easy to handle for our drivers”, says Juan Carlos Pablo, Operations Director of Silence. 

One of the special features of all the Silence electric motorcycles is the removable, yet powerful battery. We required a robust connector solution that ensures a safe and quick plugging and unplugging of the battery pack on the scooter”, describes Juan Carlos Pablo.

Standardized CombiTac option implemented

In close collaboration with Silence, Stäubli evaluated which CombiTac solution with which end pieces would work best for all different e-scooter models. The jointly defined configuration guarantees a solid connection solution with the necessary signal and power contacts and at the same time provides high reliability and the required performance.

Simplest way of charging

Thanks to the Stäubli connector solution, charging the battery is very simple. Within seconds, the battery pack can be removed.

“We do not want the user to desperately search for one of the few public charging stations available in a city”, says Juan Carlos Pablo. “It is important to us that the user can charge the e-scooter during office times or in the evening at home.”

The convenient trolley system allows a handy transportation and the battery can be plugged in and charged at any normal power outlet. Thanks to the reliability of the Stäubli product solution, Silence can guarantee its customers a safe and reliable power supply for the electric scooter which facilitates smooth driving operation without failures. 

A successful, future-oriented partnership

From the very beginning, CombiTac was part of the Silence engineering solution. The team of Stäubli is very dedicated, professional and proactive. This is not a customer-supplier-relationship, but rather a technology partnership. Silence's experience and Stäubli's reliability support the Silence founder's vision: to persuade scooter riders in the cities to switch to electric drive - for the benefit of the consumers and the environment.


CombiTac for electrical connection between battery and motor

  • Vibration resistant
  • Easy handling
  • High number of mating cycles
  • High-Performance


  • Joint evaluation with standard product
  • Safe and reliable connection for seamless operation
  • Quick and straightforward connections of the battery by the end-user

Connector mounting on Silence electric motorbike

Battery rack with CombiTac

Removable battery with trollley system

Safe and loss-free energy transmission with CombiTac