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No transformation without automation

The automotive industry

The automotive industry has embarked on a major shift towards e-mobility. This is having an impact on the automated production of vehicles, most notably of drive units. The tasks performed by robots are set to change dramatically.

The electrification of vehicles requires the production of batteries, but also requires special E-components. Here, too, suppliers as well as manufacturers of automated systems for component production rely on Stäubli’s robotics expertise.

For example, Eberhard AG, a German manufacturer of specialized machinery:

“We chose the robots not only because of their dynamics, but also because of their compact design, their interfaces to the feeders and cameras, and not least, their legendary reliability."

Abdullah Kotan | Team Leader Project Planning and Application at Eberhard AG

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Robots for battery and fuel cell production

TX2-160L HDP - Made for laser cutting

Over the last 20 years Stäubli has joined forces with the most prominent specialists of 3D laser cutting to offer unmatched performance, flexibility and above all outstanding path accuracy. Today Stäubli proposes an extensive range of high-rigidity, high-speed robots covering every industry’s needs, along with laser cutting-specific solutions when a higher accuracy level is requested.

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Stäubli AGV: Intralogistics solutions for the production of the future

Novelty: compact AGV carries three tons

With the PF3 mobile transport platform, Stäubli Robotics is introducing a compact all-rounder AGV with a payload capacity of three tons, thereby bringing its expertise in heavy-duty transport to intralogistics and production halls.

The transport vehicle is not only the first AGV in the new product design, but it is also extremely compact and universally applicable.

Universal all-rounder

The range of applications for the robust AGV is broad. On the one hand, the PF3 is suitable for classic fields of application such as the linear transport of components along the assembly line. At the same time, it is also capable of not only transporting goods of up to three tons, but also lifting them. Thanks to various add-ons, it doesn't matter whether the products are customer-specific or Euro and US pallets. 

Easy integration

Thanks to its standardized, scalable design combined with countless possible applications, the new PF3 is the flexible all-rounder. Even custom applications and add-ons, such as conveyor technology, can be designed and installed independently of Stäubli thanks to the open interface.

Good accessibility to components such as accumulators round off the service-friendly AGV.

Safe with safety

In addition to its proven industrial suitability, the PF3 makes no compromises when it comes to protecting workers. The intelligent 360° sensor system detects potential obstacles both horizontally and vertically and, if necessary, ensures that the AGV stops automatically before a collision occurs.

Learn more about the compact PF3 platform AGV here.

Stäubli Electrical Connectors

CombiTac Modular Connector Systems


CombiTac modular connectors are used in demanding industrial applications that require versatile and reliable connector solutions. Typical applications in automation technology include test equipment and test benches, modular machines and production lines, as well as battery packs and charging technology.

CombiTac offers robustness, long life and stable connections in all applications with high demands on electrical performance, vibration, shock resistance and compactness. Stäubli's unique MULTILAM contact technology features unrivaled electrical and mechanical properties. Thanks to a first-class and constant current-carrying capacity as well as minimal contact resistance due to the sophisticated design technology with specially shaped and resistant contact elements, it is extremely powerful.

CombiTac uniq:

Modular connectors for power, signal, data, pneumatic and fluid connections with up to 100,000 mating cycles. Highest possible performance combined with customizability to meet precise technical and structural specifications.

CombiTac direqt:

The latest generation of modular connectors for power, signal and pneumatic connections up to 10,000 mating cycles. The new user-friendly, tool-free click-and-connect system makes it possible to assemble a modular connector system in a particularly time-saving manner

The modular CombiTac system enables the configuration of individual interfaces for the reliable transmission of power, fluids, compressed air, data and signals. 

CombiTac is designed for up to 100,000 mating cycles and ensures the reliable connection of DUTs in engine test benches, test lines for electronic components or automatic test systems in the production process. All connections can be safely connected and disconnected in a single step. A secure connection ensures that test processes run without interruption and deliver error-free test results.

Modular industrial plants and production lines in the Smart Factory are based on a rapid change of production modules for short-term adaptation to changing needs. This increases the need for interfaces that make quick and safe module changes possible. 

The modular CombiTac system can be easily integrated into production modules, offers tolerance compensation and ensures maximum contact reliability. The connector system enables the combination of power, fluids, compressed air, data and signals, completely designed for the respective requirements.

The compact CombiTac system allows the combination of power, data and signal transmission in one compact connector. High resistance to vibration, shock and high temperatures makes CombiTac suitable for battery packs, battery modules and for integration into battery monitoring systems.

Stäubli Fluid Connectors

Robot Tool Changers

Robotic Tool Changing Systems - The appropriate system for any requirement

Robot tool change up to 55 kg payload and material handling– everything from a single source

Robotic tool changer up to 2,500 kg payload

Manual and automatic multi-couplings as well as multi-pole connection systems