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Customer Services

Service at it's best

Fast, efficient and always at the customer's side. This is the motto that Stäubli Robotics follows with its worldwide range of services and support. Service means much more than just maintenance or repair. Around the globe, numerous highly trained Stäubli service and support employees are committed on a daily basis to ensuring that your robot delivers the best performance throughout its entire life cycle.

Check out our Maintenance Services with Care Packages

  • Design & Simulation (You want to find the right robot type perfectly matching your application requirements? We help you make the right choice and secure your investment​)
  • Programming & set up (Willing to save time and use your robot programs in the most efficient way?​ We assist you in the realization of the program according to your specifications. We guide you to define the optimal programming approach, the cycle management (start/stop/end) & recipes)
  • Production & monitoring (We help you save time and maximize your productivity)
  • Securing & optimizing (We help you keep an optimal productivity even through evolutions​)

Robotics Academy

In addition to mandatory repairs, professional maintenance and a wide range of customer support services, Stäubli also offers its customers training on real robot systems. Thanks to a decentralized structure, you are guaranteed to find a Stäubli Robotics Academy near you worldwide that is dedicated to the personal training and further education of your employees.

Stäubli offers various trainings for:

  • Engineers & programmers
  • Services Technicians
  • Operators & supervisors
  • Maintenance & Services manager
  • Safety manager
  • End users
  • Partnering integrators

Click here for more information about our worldwide training centers.

Augmented reality for enhanced customer service

As the industrial world becomes smarter, more connected, and more flexible, automation specialists like Stäubli Robotics are also adapting. By launching Stäubli Augmented Reality app, our latest customer support solution, Stäubli aims to make it easier for customers to connect with skilled technicians and solve technical issues as quickly as possible – without requiring on-site interventions.

Providing concrete solutions on the spot

The Stäubli Augmented Reality app facilitates remote guidance and support by establishing a voice and video connection with a Stäubli expert. This means you can share your environment in real time via your smartphone or computer to reduce knowledge gaps and quickly identify problems – and find solutions. Features such as image freezing, sending files and on-screen annotations enable clear communication, even in noisy environments.

On contacting the hotline, you are invited to download the application via Google Play Store or App Store. The solution is based on TeamViewer Assist AR from leading connectivity specialist TeamViewer. All data is encrypted. 

Preventive Maintenance

With preventive maintenance, we are able to detect and eliminate any deterioration earlier than anyone else. This ensures maximum availability of your robot from the start and increases its life duration.

By trusting Stäubli to maintain your robot, you ensure the best possible treatment for your robot. As the manufacturer, our highly trained technicians know your robots like the back of one's hand and can offer you the benefit of their many years of experience.​

Maximizing uptime and efficiency with tailored maintenance packages

In the world of industrial automation, robots are revolutionizing manufacturing processes, driving productivity gains, and reducing costs. However, unexpected technical issues can arise, undermining the advantages of automation. To ensure smooth operations and minimize disruptions, it is crucial to prioritize preventive maintenance.

One step ahead of your fleet management

Proactive maintenance plays a key role in ensuring maximum availability. With a comprehensive maintenance package, you can detect and eliminate potential issues before they impact your production. Choosing a leading automation specialist like Stäubli gives you access to a team of highly trained technicians with unparalleled expertise – and  comprehensive support and guidance, either on-site or remotely, via a dedicated hotline.

When it comes to repairs, you have the reassurance of certified parts that are stocked for at least 15 years. Your team members can also make the most of training opportunities through the Stäubli Robotics Academy.

Three new care packages to service your robots

To further optimize your fleet management, Stäubli Robotics now offers three service packages tailored to different requirements, providing you with more peace of mind and better control over your budget. The Care Compact package offers all the essentials including  24-hour spare part shipment and a robot health check-up visit. The Care Plus and Care Premium packages extend this protection with a Stäubli services warranty and comprehensive preventive maintenance plans. Designed using Stäubli's proprietary Preventive Maintenance Configurator, these plans enable you to customize your maintenance profile and schedule.

Regular oil changes

To ensure your robot's durability it is important to lubricate the moving parts of your robot and protect it against corrosion. Because of dirt and debris the robot can become contaminated. Regular oil changes help to avoid affecting the robot's quality and effectiveness.