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3D robotic laser cutting

Over the last 20 years Stäubli has joined forces with the most prominent specialists of 3D laser cutting to offer unmatched performance, flexibility and above all outstanding path accuracy. Today Stäubli proposes an extensive range of high-rigidity, high-speed robots covering every industry’s needs, along with laser cutting-specific solutions when a higher accuracy level is requested

Features and benefits


  • Fast and clean cut
  • Elaborate cutting paths and complex shapes possible due to 6 axis cinematics
  • No deburring or additional finishing operation needed

Constant quality and cost effectiveness

  • Low investment compared to 5 axis gantry machine
  • Laser processing generates no wear of moulds or cutting tools
  • Fully enclosed structure (IP67) to keep equipment safe from smokes and dust


  • Easy to integrate and program
  • Easy to use: only cutting laser parameters should be adjusted depending on material
  • Quick cutting test possible (prototyping)
  • No complex cutting die to design and set up
Success stories

Our dedicated robot