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Shorten your downtime! SMED analysis

Mold changing is a long process and can have an impact on your productivity. Stäubli offers a range of effective and reliable solutions to help you shorten the duration of many operations: energy connections, mold clamping, mold loading, mold maintenance as well as automatic processes. In order to maximize your profitability, the entire mold change process must be considered. Through our expertise and detailed analysis, Stӓubli can offer you solutions to increase your efficiency and start the SMED process:

  • Defining the priorities
  • Detailing and timing of all mold changing processes on your site
  • Identifying time saving opportunities
  • Calculating your return on investment

Stäubli experts will, in partnership with you, identify your requirements and can propose individual solutions.

The SMED approach for existing set-ups

Under 12 months depending on the industry