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Spot welding connectors

Quick disconnect solutions for spot welding in automotive body shops

RobiFix flat connectors guarantee safe and reliable power supply to welding units. Small in size and high in performance, they feature highest contact reliability and current-carrying capacity. Thanks to these cost-effective solutions, power cables between weld controller and welding gun can be divided into several sections, simplifying handling and maintenance. The light and compact design of this latest connector generation can be easily integrated into modern lightweight manufacturing concepts. They are ideal for stationary and robotic welding guns, no matter if welding steel or aluminum.

Clickable image for RobiFix Welding robot
RobiFix J6 Transformer connection 90°

J6 transformer angled connection

When available space is limited, our RobiFix-TWA adapter allows you to connect the dresspack conveniently from the side. The footprint on the primary side of the transformer (RobiFix-TAE1) remains the same, as well as the dresspack end.

RobiFix J6 Transformer connection

J6 transformer straight connection

Featuring threaded pins (directly attached to the transformer busbar), our RobiFix-TAE1 insulator is very compact and offers polarity protection to the dresspack. Key-coded, our RobiFix-TAE1-C quick disconnect allows the insulator to be mechanically coded to the primary side of the welding transformer.

RobiFix J6 Automatic tool-changer connection

J6 automatic tool-changer connection

Robotic tool changing systems for resistance spot welding applications in automotive body-shops. The robot cable package easily connects to standardized international interfaces, incl. the primary circuit module for welding power transfer.

RobiFix J3 Mixed conductors

J3 solution for mixed dresspacks

Most of the times, single power conductors are used in robotic dresspacks. If for some reasons 3-core jacketed cables are installed, our RobiFix-ZEM allows an easy integration with excellent strain relief and IP-rating. Each dresspack segment can be connected, even with mixed cable types and cross-sections.

RobiFix J3 Double dresspack

J3 solution for double dresspacks

Welding aluminum requires more current on the primary side. Thanks to RobiFix TwinLock, you can carry >420 Amps (continuous) and nevertheless remain with your standard dresspack by combining two of them. User-friendly and available for robot installation and mobile mounting (e.g. extension).

RobiFix J3 Single conductors

J3 solution for single dresspacks

Ideal for a robot dressout with single-core power cables, RobiFix-MTB is a light and compact (138 x 38 mm) quick disconnect solution with superior performance. Rated IP67, UL-listed and allowing easy exchange of cables by hand, it offers a high current-carrying capacity with our MULTILAM contact technology and reverse polarity protection.

RobiFix Weld timer angled connection

Weld timer angled connection

Rugged and designed to save space, our RobiFix-B-ID is a quick disconnect system for fast integration of weld controllers. Safe and key-coded, it prevents from hazardous on-site cable assemblies and allows to reduce drastically installation, as well as maintenance (down)time.

RobiFix J1 Flange mount single conductors

J1 robot base flange connection single conductors

Designed for single-core power conductors coming from the weld timer, this compact solution is ideal in combination with cable drag chains (axis 0). This RobiFix-FEJ1 allows a flange mount onto the robot base in front of the carrousel (axis 1) with first mate/last break PE-contact.

RobiFix J1 Flange mount

J1 robot base flange connection

Designed for 3-core jacketed cables coming from the weld timer, our RobiFix-FZEM housing allows a flange mount onto the robot base. Rugged, it can be mounted in front of the robot carrousel (axis 1). Combined with our RobiFix-A-TAE1 adapter, this same connector can be used conveniently for stationary welding guns.

RobiFix J1 Flat mount

J1 robot base flat connection

Designed for 3-core jacketed cables coming from the weld timer, our RobiFix-ZEM housing allows a flat mount onto the robot base. Rugged, it can be mounted on any flat surface next to the robot carrousel (axis 1). Combined with our RobiFix-W-ZEM adapter, this same connector can be used conveniently for stationary welding guns.


Our RobiFix series features both compact design and unparalleled contact reliability. Created for robotic welding applications, they ensure time saving thanks to rapid installation and easy maintenance. All of the connectors offer high current-carrying capacity, First Mate/Last Break design and IP2X for additional safety. UL-listed and available in 2 sizes, they allow the same interface on weld controllers, robots and welding transformers, even for aluminum as well as high-frequency welding up to 10 kHz.

  • Robot dresspacks (single and double)
  • Welding guns (robotic, manual, stationary)
  • Weld controllers
  • Power cable extensions
  • Cabling
  • Customization

Both RobiFix and RobiFix mini offer dual systems (i.e. for aluminum welding), locking accessories, as well as protective caps. On top, blind plugs and angled solutions are available for the RobiFix program. Manual and automatic crimping pliers are also available.

Technical Specifications


RobiFix mini

3 poles (2+PE)

3 poles (2+PE)

223 A max. (100% duty)

139 A max. (100% duty)

AC 1000 V max.

AC 1000 V max.

25, 35, 50 mm²

16, 25 mm²

up to 3'000 Hz

up to 10'000 Hz

IP2X on socket side

IP2X on both sides

IP67 (IEC)

IP67 (IEC)

Polution degree: 3

Polution degree: 3

Overvoltage category: III

Overvoltage category: III

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