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Modular Connectors

Modular Power Connector - MPC

The Modular Power Connector MPC range is designed to carry out the electric connections between several functions of the electrical traction chain on any railway rolling stock.
The Modular Power Connector MPC has the advantage of a universal multi-application, compact and modular solution, through the rationalization and the standardization of the common components. Thanks to the modularity of the connector concept and several added options, a complete customized solution can be proposed for each specific application.

  • All on-board power applications can be connected
  • Same system for every power connection
  • Easy and fast assembly / maintenance
  • Customizable according customer’s needs

The modular power connector (MPC) can be used in the following areas of application:

  • All rail vehicles: Regional trains, highspeed trains, subway trains, locomotives, etc.
  • All on-board power applications for roof or undercarriage gangway connections, traction converter and battery outputs, connection between carriage body and bogie/carriage body and engine
Key features
  • High-voltage / High-current applications
  • Modular
  • Tested according to Railway standards IEC 62847 – EN 61373 – EN 45545-2
  • Several options available: strain relief, connection assistance, shielding, marking/coding, permanent magnet motor solution
Technical Specifications



Number of poles

1 to 4

Rated current

Up to 700 A (∆T 50K)

Rated voltage

Up to 3600 V

Test voltage

12 kV

Cable cross section

10 – 240 mm2

Protection, mated

IP66 / IP67

Shocks & vibrations

acc. EN61373: category 2 = bogie mounted

Housing material

PA (UL94 V0)

Operating temperature

-40°C / +120°C

Fire protection – EN 45545-2

HL3 R23

Surrounding temperature

-50°C / +70°C

Salt spray test

acc. EN 60068-2-11: 240h


acc. IEC 62847