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High mating docking systems

DuraDock power – single-pole high-performance connector for docking applications

Automated industrial applications with high mating cycles require constant and safe power transmission, especially for high currents and voltages. Stäubli delivers suitable high-performance connectors for advanced automation technology.

DuraDock power single-pole connectors were developed for the safe transmission of the highest energies and currents. They were designed for test applications with up to 100,000 mating cycles, where the highest service life, reliability, and safety are critical. 

Key features
  • High mating cycles, up to 100,000
  • High current-carrying capacity up to 550 A
  • High withstand voltage up to DC 1500 V
  • Conductor cross sections from 120 mm² to 240 mm²
  • Degree of protection IP2X touch protection on the pin and socket side
  • Very robust design for industrial environment 
  • Robust, reliable and user-friendly
  • High current-carrying capacity with minimal contact resistance for a long life span 
  • Numerous possible combinations with other connectors of the multi-pole series DuraDock multi
  • Unparalleled advanced contact reliability thanks to MULTILAM contact technology 
  • uninsulated
  • insulated
  • insulated/shielded
Related Industries

Test systems: 

  • Automatic docking in test benches and production processes
  • Test bench technology in E-mobility and battery production or for wind turbines


  • Test systems for in-line testing with high currents 

Plant engineering: 

  • Interface in manufacturing modules of modular production lines 
  • Docking station to supply moving machines
Technical Specifications

DuraDock power


Insulated Insulated
/ shielded
Rated voltage
uninsulated versions without protection area
AC 1000 V, DC 1500 V
AC 50 V, DC 75 V
Rated current max. 550 A
Overvoltage category CATIII
Degree of pollution 3
Operating temperature -10 °C ... +100 °C
Protection type, unplugged IP2X IP2X IP2X
Protection type, plugged in IP2X IP54 IP55 to IP57
Safety class II
Nominal contact Ø 28 mm
Conductor cross-section Crimp connection: 120 mm² – 240 mm²
Cable lug: 120 mm² – 240 mm²
Insulation material POM
Housing material PA Aluminum alloy
Shielding (360°) 71 dB

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