Low pile technology on ALPHA for trendy looks
and demanding applications

Making new jeans look old and worn requires cutting, fraying, bleaching and stone washing, which requires a lot of extra effort and increases the production costs. Surprisingly, a similar trend is now going on in the carpet industry, where there is a certain demand for old-looking, well worn, and faded carpets with the pile worn down almost to the back.

Of course, this effect could be created by shearing the carpet almost down to the ground. But wouldn’t it be better to weave carpets with a very low pile height right from the beginning? This method would be more economical and would save time, energy and material.

This is where Schönherr ALPHA carpet weaving systems come into play. With a wide range of configuration options, these systems allow the use of lancets just 4 mm high. This lancet height makes the pile only 2 mm high, which makes the carpet look worn down, straight out of the loom. No other double carpet weaving system in the world offers such a low pile height.

Carpets with low pile of 2 mm mean less weight, which is always a key criteria in the transportation sector. Thus, the ALPHA 500 SINGLELOOP is the ideal machine for weaving lightweight carpets for aircraft.

Some weaving mills use velvet weaving machines to produce low-pile carpets such as prayer rugs. The main reason for this choice has been the need for combining two quality aspects: low pile and high density. But today technology has advanced. Carpet-weaving machines such as the ALPHA 500 XHDC allow reed densities up to 1200 / metre. So low- pile, high-density carpets can now be woven on machines with up to 5.3 m width rather than on a velvet loom with a maximum 2.0 m weaving width. This increase in weaving width can drastically boost the mill’s productivity.