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Stäubli Services packages​

Every customer and their equipment have different requirements, so we provide flexible packages that allow you to customize our services to meet your specific needs.​

Your Stäubli Account Representative will help you choose the right tailor-made Stäubli service package you need to ensure the proper responsiveness and support.

Benefits of our packaged offer ​

Simple management​

We help you in the management of your equipments and assist you in case of need.​

Flat price for 3 years

Regardless of the maintenance intervention performed

Secured performance​

We take care of your equipments to ensure optimal performance​.

What do our service packages bring you?

Responsiveness guaranteed 

Ensure maximum availability to help you when it is needed.

Preventive maintenance management 

Maintenance of your equipment to increase the durability of your robot and reduce the risk of unwanted downtime.

Stäubli Services Warranty

Repair or replacement of all parts covered by the warranty and recognized as defective by Stäubli.

Exclusive advantages

Discount on spare parts, on training and on labor rate according to the product and package selected​.

Services packs for industrial robots​

The packages in details​
Stäubli After sales Hotline​10/524/5
On-site departure time in case of production shutdown (1)​24h24h24h
Spare part shipment (2)D-day D-day D-day 
Spare part discount rate (3)​2%5%10%
Training discount rate (4)​10%10%10%
Robot health check-up visit ✓ (5)✓ (5)
Preventive maintenance visit  
Labor discount rate​ (3)  5%5%
Stäubli Services Warranty - covering on-site labor​ 
Stäubli Services Warranty - covering on-site labor, spare parts & travel expenses​  
Yearly Installed base analysis​  
  • Responsiveness
  • Robot inspection
  • Exclusive advantages
  • Responsiveness (+)
  • Annual maintenance
  • Stäubli services Warranty
  • Exclusive advantages (+)
  • Responsiveness (++)
  • Annual maintenance
  • Stäubli service warranty (+)
  • Exclusive advantages (++)

(1) Plus travelling time, door to door – excl WE and local bank holidays (2) only applicable to a selection of critical spare parts and if order before 2:00 PM UTC +1 from the production unit (France) (3) for interventions not covered by Stäubli Services Warranty and only in the context of an intervention supervised by STÄUBLI hotline (4) applicable to one training per year and for one participant (5) included in the preventive maintenance visit​

Don't wait any longer and contact our team

Main features and benefits

Why choose Stäubli for your preventive maintenance ? 

Stäubli Services help assure that your robots are always available. Highly trained technicians, supported by a global network of maintenance technicians, are there to maintain your robots and keep your production running.

Know-how of the Stäubli robot experts using official Stäubli preventive maintenance method

A follow-up of each of our interventions, and of the robot’s history

Qualified technicians combining technical knowhow with problem-solving skills 

100% Stäubli OEM parts ensuring high quality during our maintenance interventions

Always there for you, wherever you are

With our hotline, Stäubli technicians are always standing by to answer your questions or troubleshoot any problem at any time, no matter where you are. Our package offer provides you with a range of hotline services that can be adapted to your needs.

Our commitment:

Fast response time​

Calls answered and handled in a record time​.

Hotline Support Services in-house

Only experts with technical skills answer your call

Client satisfaction​

We take responsibility to put things right and be ready to meet and exceed your expectations.

Stäubli remote service

Our specialists provide systematic troubleshooting with direct support by telephone

On-site intervention: always nearby

We have teams of technicians based all over the world to intervene on site in record time.

Our Stäubli Service Technicians are true professionals responding quickly to service requests and minimizing the downtime of your equipment.

20 000 visits annually

Stäubli Service Technicians perform around twenty thousand visits annually, making them the most frequent point of contact between Stäubli and its customers. Their performance directly translates into customer satisfaction, trust, and loyalty. 

We provide and stock a complete range of spare parts specific to your equipment.

Staubli quality​

Guarantee of quality, compatibility, and compliance with all technical requirements​.

10 years availability of Spare parts 

We ensure the availability of spare parts at least 10 years after the purchase of your robot.

12 month warranty

We provide 12 month warranty for all spare parts replaced.

Spare part catalog: Accessible 24/7

We offer an easy access to all spare parts lists for your robot.