Carpet weaving technologies

Great potential for printed woven carpets

The market share of printed fabrics is steadily growing worldwide, also in the floor-coverings segment. The success of these printed carpets is greatly due to the individual design freedom made possible by state-of-the-art printing processes and optimum greige materials.

High resistance, durability, and an optimum price/performance ratio are additional decisive factors besides today’s print quality that are achieved mainly through the carpet-weaving process. The ALPHA 500 LEANTEC carpet-weaving machine, specifically designed for the economical production of attractive, high-quality greige materials, offers carpet manufacturers a wide range of advantages.

Perfectly printed patterns
With printable pile densities of 320-700 reed, patterns can be printed with higher resolution and sharper pinpoint than with tufted carpets. Patterns printed on tufted carpets appear imprecise because of their lower density.

Single-material, recyclable carpets
The pile threads are fixed in the construction, so normally no latex coating needs to be applied to the carpet back. In case a soft, natural carpet back is required, a light latex coating of 80-120 g/m may be used. For maximum flexibility and economical warehousing, greige materials up to 5.3 m wide can be woven in advance, kept in stock, and quickly sent to printers upon demand.

Expanded opportunities in the contract segment
Until now, costly and slower manufacturing processes such as Axminster had to be used because of the patterns (such as logos) required in this segment. With the ALPHA 500 LEANTEC carpet producers can submit highly competitive tenders based on greige materials and the latest printing technologies.