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Multi-pole connection solutions

Connectors for harsh environment

Harsh environmental conditions present difficult challenges in terms of the design of all the equipment. Electrical connectors must work reliably and uninterruptedly in everyday use in order to guarantee perfect operation. Stäubli connectors for harsh environments meet these requirements. The established Stäubli MULTILAM technology guarantees for maximum dependability at low resistances and therefore extremely low energy loss and low insertion force despite multiple electrical contacts.

Railway applications

Electrical connectors used in the railway industry are subject to extremely harsh environmental conditions on a daily basis. Strong temperature fluctuations (e.g. snow and ice in alpine areas), high mechanical strain, vibration, and contamination cannot be allowed to impact the reliability of power, signal and data transfer. Stäubli has developed a sturdy casing, the handle that can even withstand blows from a hammer when opening. Stäubli MULTILAM contact technology ensures a continuous electrical connection, even in the event of strong vibration or temperature fluctuations. The 15° outlet angle of the plug reduces mechanical strain on the cable and simplifies actuating the connection. 

Mining applications

Stäubli provides reliable solutions that can withstand specific environmental conditions above and below ground, including dust and shock impacts, and thus guarantee uninterrupted operation. We pride ourselves in customer-specific applications tailored to your technical needs. Because of that, our contact technology can be used, not only in removing machines (e.g. diggers, drilling machines), but also in transport and further-processing systems (e.g. griding machines, sorting, washing systems).

Marine applications

In ports and on ships, connectors are exposed to sea water, and the salt content of the air is higher than in most other areas. Long-term use in this kind of environment requires not only waterproof characteristics but also a particularly sturdy casing. Stäubli connectors for harsh environments meet these requirements and can be fitted with different contacts based on customer requirements. The connectors can meet a range of different requirements in the port and the offshore sector.

Customer-specific configurations upon request

General data 
Rated voltageup to 1000 V
Degree of protection, mated
IP65, IP69
Groundingfrom DC 50 V/75 V planned
Ø Cable glandM50
Housing materialAl (powder-coated)
Mounting, pin side
                     socket side
Panel mounting
float mounting