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Stäubli robots shine in medical device manufacturing

With its specialized robotic arms, Stäubli brings its unique robotics expertise to the table in all medical device manufacturing operations, from deburring and polishing the surfaces of orthopedic implants, to injection molding medical components, assembly and handling medical and optical instruments (blood pressure monitors, inhalers, pacemakers, IV bags). Our wide range of 6-axis, picker and SCARA robots can handle just about any application.

Success stories - Applications
A robotic solution to guarantee hygiene and quality (Plastibell)

Thanks to Stäubli, Plastibell is meeting the most stringent standards in terms of hygiene, traceability and quality across the entire production process.

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Automation of spiral tubing manufacture

Spring-reinforced tubing was considered to be unattainable in the scope of automation.  However, an Italian systems integrator accepted the challenge and designed the world’s first production line for this sophisticated process, incorporating four Stäubli 6-axis robots.

H&O - Assembly and packaging of cryogas cartridges
Assembly and packaging of cryogas cartridges (H&O)

Two Stäubli robots, a SCARA and a six-axis machine, exemplify the contribution that automation can make to efficiency in the assembly and packaging of gas cartridges for CryoPens, the new wonder tool for the removal of skin blemishes. 

Handling dental prostheses with a TX40
Handling dental prosthesis (Westcam)

Westcam uses Stäubli’s pick and place solutions to automate its denture handling process. The high-precision 6-axis TX40 is a compact robot that detects, positions and then automatically presses synthetic teeth onto preheated wax strips. 

Polishing orthopedic implants with TX90 (Insys)
Testing inhaler components (Boehringer Ingelheim)

Inhaler manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim uses a Stäubli TX60L robot to perform strain, compression and high–pressure tests on components in cleanrooms. The result: optimized productivity, reliability and repeatability.

Polishing orthopedic implants with TX90 (Insys)
Polishing orthopedic implants

Polishing orthopedic implants is a high-precision robotics application. Stäubli’s 6-axis robots, such as the TX90 model, can deliver high-precision machining that is accurate down to a few hundredths of a millimeter.

Wet chemical treatments for cleanrooms with a TX90 Cleanroom
Wet chemical treatments for cleanrooms

Stäubli robots are ideally suited for cleanroom production processes involving wet chemical treatments, including cleaning, rinsing, electroplating, conditioning and electropolishing.

Precision processing of medical implants with a TX90
Precision processing of medical implants

In the medical implants sector, quality requirements are increasingly stringent. For a medical implant manufacturer, Stäubli came through with a TX90 6-axis robot rigid enough to guarantee accurate and reproducible results.