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HSM (High Speed Machining) robots for machining

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Stäubli Robotics offers a complete range of High-Speed Machining (HSM) robots for machining operations that require high flexibility. Stäubli's TX90, RX160 and TX200 HSM robots are particularly well-suited for high-speed machining operations such as finishing, die trimming, modeling, drilling, tapping, deburring, contouring and weld bead machining on various materials.

Success stories
TX200 HSM (High Speed Machining)
Robot-assisted machining of molds (Audi)

At the highly advanced Audi Competence Center for Plant Equipment and Forming Technology, they are working towards digitally linking all processes. A robotic machining center now replaces four radial drilling machines in the manufacture of molds.

Stäubli TX200 and RX160 robots at ACL
Robot machining of aluminum profiles (ACL Automotive)

Competitive pressures are always driving new concepts in manufacturing. The Czech supplier ACL Automotive has entrusted the machining of roof rails to Stäubli robots and is very satisfied with the results.