Life sciences Laboratory research

High-tech robotics solutions for laboratory research

Time is a critical factor in Research. Modern robotic systems provide fast, reliable results when it comes to automating cell culture processes, setting cells for high-flow measurement methods or performing lab operations such as handling samples and filling test tubes. In this field, Stäubli’s robotic arms can help lab researchers discover new drugs and active principles, handle samples or automate cell cultures.

Aseptic filling with a TX60 Stericlean

Aseptic filling of pharmaceutical drugs (Aseptic)

One lab uses a line of robots to perform aseptic filling of primary stability batches, clinical batches and injectable pharmaceutical products. The Stäubli TX60 Stericlean robot it uses makes it possible to fill up to 600 vials an hour.

Testing treatments for childhood diseases with a RX160

Testing treatments for childhood diseases

Researchers use Stäubli robots to test potential treatments in experimental projects. The result: in one week, the RX160 6-axis robots conduct millions of experiments faster and more accurately than any human could.

Laboratory automation with a TX60L

Laboratory automation

Automation makes it possible to boost research lab productivity, specifically with regard to handling samples. One lab uses Stäubli TX60 robots to handle microtiter plates thanks to their blend of speed and meticulousness.

Systems for a wide range of tasks with a TX40 cleanroom

Systems for a wide range of tasks

The field of scientific research benefits from innovative robotics solutions. Stäubli’s line of compact TX Cleanroom robots gives researchers access to exceptionally state-of-the-art automation solutions.