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Our robots set the benchmark for all stages of production

Automation projects in the industrial production of cheese make high demands on robotics: direct contact with unwrapped food, the strictest hygiene criteria, harsh cleaning procedures – all factors that have to be managed by Stäubli robots whilst making no compromise on efficiency.

Production line of food solutions for dairy products
Slicing, Molding/Demolding, Rack loading/Rack unloading, Turning, Cutting/Spraying/Slicing, Tray loading, Boxing, Palletizing.
Success stories
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A milestone in cheese production (DERO)

Manual derinding of cheese wheels is among the most difficult and time-consuming tasks. With a brand-new system, the Dutch DERO GROEP sees the issue differently: Here, two robots have taken over this job and are four-times faster than the strongest employee.

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HE robot in food processing (Plangger)

Using continuous path tracking, a Stäubli TX2-90 HE robot de-rinds and coats irregularly shaped blocks of cheese in a Tyrolean organic cheese dairy. At least twice a week, intensive basic cleaning is required, which no other robot would survive.

Pick and glue

Pick and glue (Danone)

One key application for our TP80 FAST picker robots is sealing cups at very high speeds while requiring minimal footprint.

Ice cream filling
Ice cream filling (Big Drum)

Big Drum Engineering GmbH uses Stäubli TX90 HE robots to manufacture equipment for ice cream packing and filling operations. They are ideally suited for the hygiene processes in place at the company.

Curd slicing application
Curd preparation (Alpma)

ALPMA has developed a “bassine technology” for producing soft cheese. The special shape of the plastic vats, combined with a patented cutting process using a TX200 HE robot, slices curd with very little waste.

Packaging with four TS60 SCARA robots at Chocenska
Packaging of tubs (Choceňská mlékárna)

Six Stäubli robots – more specifically four SCARAs and two large six-axis machines – are dispatching a Czech dairy delicacy in record time. The speedy sextet manages the entire secondary packaging process, including palletization, of an amazing 20,000 tubs per hour.

Our dedicated lines

HE robotic arms

HE (humid environments) robotic arms

Designed for humid environments, Stäubli's HE robots are the benchmark for the food industry and parts washing operations.

HE robot range