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Robotics and automation solutions for your chocolate and pastry facility

In chocolate or pastry-making, robotics can help protect your know-how and give you greater freedom for creating decorations or presenting products. Whether the robots are used in standard or bacteria-sensitive environments, their extended range of movement boosts your ability to create and churn out products that are different every time, yet still true to your signature.

Production line of food solutions for chocolate and patries
Unstacking, Spraying, Layering, Adding decorations, Cutting, Spacing, Decoration, Mixing, Topping, Boxing, Palletizing.
Fast picker TP80 robots in packaging application
Packaging chocolate cookies

The cookie industry, long confined to parallel-architecture robotic technology, can now finally take advantage of ultra-fast, multipurpose robots that are very compact and repeatable across the entire work surface.

Our dedicated lines

HE robotic arms

HE (humid environments) robotic arms

Designed for humid environments, Stäubli's HE robots are the benchmark for the food industry and parts washing operations.

HE robot range