Robot software

Stäubli Robotics Suite

PC Software Suite for robotics application development and maintenance.

Stäubli Robotics Suite Basic functions

VAL 3 application editor in read-only mode:

  • Visualize and print VAL 3 applications
  • Online help for VAL 3 language

Light version of 3D scene:

  • Allows the visualization on the PC of the motion trajectories of the robot arms
  • 3D visualization of all the robot arms (FAST picker, 4 axis SCARA or 6 axis)
  • Motion trajectories generated by emulated or real controllers

Bidirectional file transfer between the development PC and the robots:

  • VAL 3 applications and configuration files transfer in both directions
  • Full backups of the robot systems automatically organized to facilitate archiving

User profiles management:

  • Management of access rights to various system functionalities, such as working modes, programs, points…
  • Access is controlled via usernames and passwords
  • Allows to assign different access rights to the various possible users like operators, programmers, maintenance personnel...

Free and automatic minor upgrades:

  • Stäubli Robotics Suite verifies at each startup if minor upgrades are available for download
Development studio License for Stäubli Robotics Suite

This license grants access to all the functionalities required to perform realistic simulations involving one or more robots:

  • High end VAL 3 program editor with advanced functionalities inspired from the latest computer languages editor (such as online debugging, auto-completion of code line, code snippets, on-the-fly syntax check)
  • CAD models importation capabilities (STEP, IGES, STL, VRML)
  • 3D modeling based on simple primitives (cubes, spheres, cylinders)
  • Deep integration of the 3D scene with the programming environment
  • Multi-robot simulations allowing layout analysis and realistic cycle time measurements
  • Creation of end-of-arm tooling, parts, and additional loads based on 3D models
  • Automatic calculation of load parameters (moments of inertia) to help select the best fitting robot as well as to fine tune the dynamic command laws (more realistic cycle time estimations)
  • The 3D robots can be connected either to emulated or real controllers
  • High performance collision detection: highlighting of colliding elements, definition of safety clearance zones
Maintenance Studio License for Stäubli Robotics Suite

This license grants access to all the functionalities required to remotely connect to real robots and perform diagnostic operations as well as remote monitoring of the robot cycles:

  • Full access over Ethernet to the robot systems, possibility to remotely visualize and interact with the robot controllers and their teaching pendants from the PC (PC not provided)
  • Multiple users can act simultaneously on a same robot (remotely or on-site) and visualize each other’s actions
  • All the features of the teaching pendant are available remotely except (for safety reasons) the ones susceptible to generate a robot movement
  • Simultaneous remote connection possible to all the robots on the same network
  • 3D scene in visualization mode, possibility to load a 3D cell previously created with the Development Studio license
Stäubli Robotics Suite 2019 - Full presentation