Robotic tool changers

MPS 631: coupling modules for media, energy and data transmission

Flexible and reliable with wear-resistant modules and components for media, data and energy transmission. The tool changing systems from Stäubli can be accurately integrated into all robot-controlled production processes. They are also characterised by their low wear and long-term reliability even with many plug-in and change cycles. The MPS 631 tool changer can be used with components (compatible with MPS 630 & 1530) for signal and power performance, as well as mass current, primary current, modules for hydraulic vacuum and material transfer.

Component & module overview


Stäubli AG - MPS631_RMK11-tim-2x-50769-jpg-orig.jpg

Robust and efficient: The pneumatic module  RMK with robot-side locking and tool side free flow.

Pneumatic and Vacuum

Stäubli AG - MPS631_K81560732-tim-2x-50747-jpg-orig.jpg

Robust and efficient: The  pneumatic and vacuum module FTM with free flow on both sides.

Fluids and Pneumatics

Stäubli AG - MPS631-SPM12-tim-2x-49946-jpg-orig.jpg

Low-wear and leak-free. The pneumatic and cooling module SPM  in clean break technology allows for safe coupling processes.


Stäubli AG - MPS631_SPC08-tim-2x-50772-jpg-orig.jpg

Safe and leak-free: The hydraulic module SPC 08 with clean-break technology for pressure ranges up to 25 MPa.

Tool Coding

Stäubli AG - MPS631_Werkzeugkodierung-tim-2x.jpg

Individual and flexible: The transmission module for unique identification of your tools.

Shielding and grounding

Stäubli AG - MPS631-massekontakt_buchse-tim-2x-49937-jpg-orig.jpg

Robust and compact: Ground Pin Module for shielding and grounding with patented MULTILAM technology.

Welding currents

Stäubli AG - MPS631-WPC4_RS_M40-tim-2x-49949-jpg-orig.jpg

Safe and powerful: Versatile primary circuit module WPC4 for stable power transmission of the welding current.

Material transfer

Stäubli AG - MPS631-nietdurchfuehrung-tim-2x-49943-jpg-orig.jpg

Individual and flexible: Transfer modules for the application-specific material transfer of screws, bolts and rivets.


Stäubli AG - MPS631-HVA09-tim-2x-49931-jpg-orig.jpg

Airtight and resilient: The high-pressure hydraulic module HVA 09 with safe clean-break technology allows for pressure ranges up to 45 MPa.

Optical Signals

Stäubli AG - MPS631-LWL-tim-2x-49932-jpg-orig.jpg

Innovative and fast: Fiber optic module for optical signal transmission at high data transmission rates.

Signal and power supply

Stäubli AG - MPS631_K81451142-tim-2x-01-50760-jpg-orig.jpg

Interference-free and long-lasting: The electric module MultiDNet-R G1 and G3 with patented MULTILAM technology.

Integrated condition monitoring

Stäubli AG - MPS631_K81451434-tim-2x-01-50754-jpg-orig.jpg

Compact and safe: The integrated bus module IDA 631 for controlling, monitoring and feedback of the tool change process to the higher control level.