Quick mold change

Speed up every stage of the tool change process

Stäubli's expertise in the field of plastics processing guarantees that you will find the right solution to optimize your productivity. From the simplest applications to complete solutions for Industry 4.0, Stäubli products meet the specific needs of each individual application. With safe and efficient clamping systems and tailor-made solutions for mold loading and maintenance, the Stäubli range dedicated to Quick Mold Change considerably reduces downtime during die changes and increases flexibility. 

Mold clamping

QMC 100 / 101 - Hydraulic clamping

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Compact and robust: hydraulic clamping system for automated tool change under harsh operating conditions.

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QMC 105 / 106 - Mechanical clamping

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Simple and safe: mechanical bayonet clamping system for safe tool clamping in one easy movement.

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QMC 122 – Magnetic clamping

Magnetic clamping system QMC 122

Safe, innovative and fast: the magnetic technology is simple and requires no work on the mold. An ideal choice for frequent changes.

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Mold loading

Mold loading tables and vehicles

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Efficient setup time optimization due to mold loading tables and mold loading vehicles.

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Mold maintenance

Mold maintenance stations MMS

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Mold maintenance stations MMS ensure efficient maintenance while adhering to the highest quality and safety standards.

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