Market Aerospace, transportation and logistics

Connection solutions for aerospace, transportation and logistics

Stäubli has been working in partnership with the aerospace, transportation and logistics industries on major international projects for over 40 years. It is recognized for its expertise and ability to supply connection solutions which perfectly meet the specific requirements of these sectors. We are specialized in delivering the exceptional safety, light weight, compactness and cleanliness these industries demand for a range of applications such as air conditioning, breathing air, compressed air, fuel, hydraulics and thermal management.

Thermal management

Quick-release couplings for thermal management

Non-spill flush face couplings for thermal management and cooling of electronic components with high resistance to vibration and corrosion.

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Air conditioning

Quick release coupling for cooling lines SPF

Quick release couplings for frequent connection and disconnection of air conditioning systems.

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Quick couplings and refueling systems for fuels

Safety quick release couplings for fuel lines and tanks (refueling) with high flow rates and no environmental pollution.

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Solutions for filling high flow hydrogen on all types of electric vehicles

Refueling systems to refill hydrogen into electric vehicles fitted with a fuel-cell.

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Fluids and gases

Quick release couplings for fluids and gases

Clean break couplings for fluids and gases including a wide variety of seals, plugging and locking variations.

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Breathing air

Breathing air supply lines for all personal protective equipment

High flow couplings and filters for breathing air circuits ensuring operator safety.

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CombiTac modular connector system

 Modular connector CombiTac

CombiTac allows individual combination of power, signal, thermocouple, coaxial, fibre optic, pneumatic, hydraulic and bus connections.

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Connectors for plug-in systems

Plug-in systems

Our range of fork plugs is designed for the safe and reliable direct connection to copper or aluminum bus bars.

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