Warp tying installations

Our TOPMATIC and MAGMA warp tying machines, in conjunction with TPF3 tying frames, are high-performance warp tying installations for universal use. This equipment guarantees maximum efficiency during the warp change process for every weaving mill. Optimum tying quality and adaptability to all yarn types lead to minimum down times on the weaving machine. Warp tying installations from Stäubli are both easy to operate and quick to set up, making them indispensable tools for all warp changes.

TOPMATIC features

  • For cotton, wool, silk, blended yarns, filament yarn, monofilaments, technical yarns
  • Yarn count range from 0.8-500 tex / Nm 2-1250 / Ne 1.2-740 (depending on material)
  • 600 knots per minute maximum tying speed, automatic repetition in case of fault
  • All combinations of lease types including irregular leases
  • Mechanical double end detection with lease
  • Electronic double end detection with or without lease
  • Models available for single or single and double knot, selectable
  • Electronic control for display, color repeat and process data

MAGMA T12 features

  • For cotton, wool, linen, mono- and multifilament, PP-ribbons, technical yarns of all kinds
  • Yarn count range in warps with 1:1 lease from Nm 0.5 – 50, tex 2000 – 20
  • Optical double-yarn sensor is standard
  • Single or double knots selected at the push of a button
  • Length of knot ends is variable
  • No periodic immersion in an oil bath required; regular lubrication is sufficient
  • Drive system with an array of individually controlled motors
  • Applicable on all Stäubli TPF3 tying frames (with extra racks)
  • Colour touch screen for display, operating and control


While TOPMATIC is used with all standard and fine yarn types, MAGMA is particularly suitable for very coarse to medium count yarns as well as technical yarns.

Main benefits

  • Fast and comfortable warp preparation on the TPF3 tying frame
  • Reliable knot formation even at maximum tying speed
  • Warp threads are drawn through the weaving harness perfectly
  • Practically all staple fiber and filament yarns can be tied without extensive adjustments in a wide range using single or double knots
  • Suitable for warps with or without regular or irregular lease in upper or lower sheet, single or multi-color, depending on model
  • The unique, patented electronic double thread detection of the TOPMATIC PC operates in warps with or without lease
  • With MAGMA T12 an optical double-yarn camera system is standard
  • Considerably reduced double threads and redirected warp threads lead to increased efficiency of the weaving machine

Overview of TOPMATIC models

Warp type / Knot typeSingle knots
Nm 5-1250
Single knots
Nm 2-1250
Single or double knots
Nm 2-1250

For warps without lease

TPM 200*

TPM 300 S*


For warps with 1:1 lease or
without lease (switchable)

TPM 201*

TPM 301 S*

TPM 301*

For warps with 1:1 or 2:2
and irregular or without lease (switchable)

TPM 210*


TPM 310*

* All models available with PC = Electronic double end detection


MAGMA T12 is particularly suitable for tying coarse and technical yarns of warps with 1:1 lease.

TPF3 tying frame

The TPF3 is a universal tying frame that can be used with all TOPMATIC and MAGMA tying machines and on all weaving machines with tying widths from 100 to 560 cm. Thanks to a wide range of configuration possibilities, including the selectable clamping principle and availability of coupling frames for wider looms, the device can be optimally adapted to various needs.