A complete program from warp beam stock to weaving machine

Efficient warp and style changes are deciding factors for flexibility and productivity in the weaving mill. Stäubli offers advanced system solutions for warp tying, automatic drawing-in, warp leasing, and quick style changes on the weaving machine.

Adapted solutions through solid partnership
Stäubli’s weaving preparation systems can be used in all weaving mills and with all types of weaving machines. By working closely with customers as well as manufacturers of weaving machines and transport equipment, we have optimized and adapted our systems to meet  a wide variety of requirements.

Automatic drawing-in

SAFIR and DELTA automatic drawing-in machines provide flexibility, quality and quick adaption to market needs. 

Warp tying

TOPMATIC and MAGMA ensure successful warp changes and short downtimes thanks to perfect knots at high speed and excellent quality of the tied warp.

UNI-LINK system

UNI-LINK components contribute to process rationalization between the warp beam stock and the weaving shed and support optimal handling and transportation.

Customer support

Our resource for technical services, training, after sales and spare parts.