Cam motions and dobbies: Solutions for all applications

Stäubli offers an extensive range of shedding machines and accessories covering all fields of textile production. This includes cam motions, negative and rotary dobbies as well as high-performance harness motions and quick links. 

Depending on the type of machine, mechanical controls by cams or electronic controls are used. Suitable for all models of weaving machines and weft insertion systems, Stäubli dobbies can be adapted to the production of all fabric types, from basic fabrics to technical fabrics, double-pile fabrics and carpets.

Cam motions S1352

Cam motions for all woven fabrics with basic weaves

Cam motions
S1600 / S1700

Cam motions for all woven fabrics with basic weaves

Rotary dobbies S2600

Rotary dobbies for patterned fabrics

Negative dobbies S2700

Negative dobbies for patterned fabrics

Rotary dobbies
S3000 / S3200

Rotary dobbies for patterned fabrics

Dobbies 2688 / 4080

Dobbies for technical fabrics


Servomotor controlled dobbies for technical fabrics

Transmission components

Harness motions, quick links and adjustable clips