DEIMO knitting solutions

With its DEIMO knitting solutions, Stäubli is a leading manufacturer of drive and control systems for a wide range of applications. These technically refined products are being used very successfully for customized solutions in the knitting industry. Thanks to their high performance and flexibility, our products serve to automate increasingly complex production processes in modern circular knitting machines.


The D4S is a fully automatic toe-linking device for use with sock-knitting machines. It is based on a completely revolutionary idea for automatically linking socks directly on the knitting machine.

Available for 8 to 19 gauge sock-knitting machines the D4S offers
the following key benefits:

  • Significantly boosts efficiency of sock production
  • Very short downtime for sock removal
  • Easy to mount on the machine
  • Easy gauge changing
  • Short payback period due to moderate investment

2900 SL

This electronic control system for sock and seamless knitting machines features easy customizing, configuration, and programming.

With these unique high-tech controllers you react quickly to market demands steadily delivering competitive final products.

  • Controller processes ultimate embedded solutions and OS versions available on the market, e.g. ARM architecture, Linux based real time OS
  • High safety/reliability with specific reference to the environmental conditions
  • Limited number of boards, interconnection cables few and simple to allow the fast recovery
  • Cabinet and control panel can be tailor made to your needs


With the DData and the DStyler Stäubli offers innovative software dedicated to optimize workflows in the knitting process and to increase the application versatility.

DData – a real time remote control system for your hosiery machines. Connected via Ethernet with TCP-IP protocol, the software collects and displays all events during the production process in real time.

DStyler – an advanced graphic software offering flexibility in setting-up specific textile programs for the production of multiple applications. The DStyler is suitable for different knitting machines, in particular for socks, seamless and circular small to medium diameter machines. It features versatile graphics, userfriendly macros, and rendering of garments.