UNIVAL 100 Jacquard machine

The UNIVAL 100 is particularly suitable for producing sophisticated fabrics to satisfy the most exacting quality standards requiring unconstrained flexibility. The range of applications for the UNIVAL 100 – the first "open system" Jacquard machine – is thus virtually unlimited.


  • Individual control of each warp thread by its own actuator
  • Precise adjustment of the warp thread height
  • Modular construction
  • Simplicity and flexibility of use
  • Mechanical drive eliminated
  • Even running and reduced wear on the weaving machine's coupling and brake
  • Greatly reduced vibration
Main featuresUNIVAL 100 Jacquard machine
Field of applicationAll weaving machines and weft insertion systems
Fabric suitabilityAll flat fabrics, terry cloth, technical fabrics and carbon fiber fabrics
Available formats 512 to 15360 threads with all intermediate formats *
Drive systemThe Jacquard machine has its own drive with no mechanical link
to the weaving machine, and is electronically synchronized
Harness movementIndividual warp thread control with Stäubli JACTUATOR
Electronic controlIndependent Stäubli JC7U control unit, synchronized with the weaving machine

* Formats up to 30720 can be achieved by combining two machines

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