SX V / LX V / LXL V Jacquard machines

The SX V, LX V and LXL V electronic Jacquard machines are particularly suitable for producing velvet. These models produce excellent results in manufacturing velvet on suitable weaving machines. 


  • Optimized for producing velvet
  • Strengthened for high stress
  • Complete and uniform product range
  • Easy to adapt and versatile
  • Low profile and judicious location of the perforated plate
  • Minimal thread stress (low harness depth)
  • Extremely resilient
  • Optimum sealing and ventilation
  • Precise lifting mechanism with no vibration
  • Safe, straightforward access for making machine adjustments
  • Minimal, straightforward maintenance
Main featuresSX V / LX V / LXL V
Field of applicationSuitable for velvet weaving machines
Fabric suitabilityAll types of velvet fabrics
Electronic controlIndependent Stäubli JC7 control unit, synchronized with the weaving machine
Features / ModelSX VLX VLXL V
Available formats2688 hooks3072 to 5120 hooks6144 to 14336 hooks
Drive system and shedding
Double eccentric motion on both sidesCoaxial shaft system, controlled by complementary cams
Initiating the hook movementStäubli MX and MXV modules with QUICK LINK connectionStäubli MXR and MXV modules with QUICK LINK connection

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