LX 2493 Jacquard machine

Stäubli LX 2493 electronic Jacquard machine is ideal for weaving carpet, velour and technical fabrics on all types of weaving machines.

The LX 2493 Jacquard machine opens up new avenues in carpet weaving, with its impressive and elegant lifting mechanism. The Stäubli M6T 3-position module principle makes the machine particularly compact, and plays an important role in exploiting its performance potential.


  • The LX 2493 Jacquard machine is very robust, wear-resistant,
    and designed for many years of daily use with a minimum of maintenance
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Suitable for very heavy fabrics
  • Precise kinematics with no vibration
  • Low friction engineering reduces energy consumption
  • Safe, straightforward access to make machine adjustments
  • Lubricated-for-life bearings throughout
  • Optimum sealing and ventilation to prevent dust penetration and for maximum lifespan
Main featuresLX 2493
Field of applicationCarpet, velour, technical textile weaving machines
Fabric suitabilityAll types of heavy fabrics
Available formats6720 hooks (280 rows of 24 modules)
8448 hooks (352 rows of 24 modules)*
Drive system and shedding
  • Double-lift open-shed Jacquard machine
  • Coaxial shaft system, controlled by complementary cams
  • Precise adjustment of shed geometry
Hook selectionStäubli M6T module with QUICK LINK connection
Electronic controlIndependent Stäubli JC7 control unit, synchronized with the weaving machine

* Formats up to 33792 can be achieved by combining 4 machines

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