CX 172 / CX 182 Jacquard machines

Our CX 172 and CX 182 electronic Jacquard machines are particularly suitable for weaving-in custom labelling on selvedges and on fabrics in a wide variety of applications. Weaving a brand name enhances the value of the fabric and helps prevent counterfeiting. 


  • Easy to adapt and versatile
  • Safe, straightforward access to make machine adjustments
  • Harness integrated into the machine, independent of the weaving machine
  • User-friendly programming and control
  • Minimal, straightforward maintenance
Main featuresCX 172 / CX 182
Field of applicationRapier, projectile, air jet weaving machines and shuttle looms
Fabric suitabilityLabeling and logos on selvedges and in all flat fabrics, terry cloth and technical weaves
Principle of operation
Double-lift open-shed Jacquard machine, crank shed movement, parallel shed
Independent servo motor
Features / ModelCX 172CX 182
Electronic controlDC1 or JC7N independent
control unit synchronized
with weaving machine
DC1 or JC7N independent
control unit synchronized
with weaving machine
Available formats *64 or 80 hooks
(for selvedges)
96 or 192 hooks
(for selvedges and fabrics)
Modules with integrated harnessMXMX

* Larger formats possible by combining several machines

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