Jacquard weaving

High performance Jacquard weaving production

Stäubli’s extensive range of Jacquard weaving machinery has a wide variety of applications for those requiring excellent weaving quality and high-production output. Applications include flat fabrics, terry, carpeting, velvets, narrow fabrics and technical fabrics in 3D-weaving. A wide range of formats is available from 64 to 51,200 hooks (combining two Jacquard machines). Maximum performance can be achieved by choosing Stäubli’s custom configured Jacquard harnesses.

Stäubli proven technology meets the highest Jacquard weaving standards for precision, weaving speed and durability. Consequently, thousands of Stäubli Jacquard machines are in daily operation in mills around the world.


Stäubli AG - Staubli-Jacquard-machine-N4L-tim-2x-67732-jpg-orig.jpg

Electronic Jacquard machine N4L, up to 128 hooks, for higher productivity of weaving custom labelling into selvedges and fabric.

Solutions for name selvedges

CX 172 / CX 182